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Teeth Cleaning Dog treat Dispenser

Teeth Cleaning Dog treat Dispenser

Teeth Cleaning Dog treat Dispenser

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Let your dogs brush their own teeth & freshen their own breath! The ultimate dog dental chew toy,  Functions as a DIY toothbrush for dogs, allowing them to take control of their own dental health every day.

We've got the perfect solution!  

  • The dog toothbrush toy is designed with triangular and serrated bumps to help clean your dog's incisors, molars, fangs, and other parts of his/her teeth keeping your dog's mouth clean and healthy
  • This treat-dispensing ball is made of Non-Toxic soft security plastic product, which is easy on developing teeth and gums. Side slots and a hollow center allow you to put in Snacks or other small treats.
  • Easy to clean, just normal soap and water or just water. Made life much easier as it cleans the teeth! Use tooth shape, which is conducive to massage the gums, removing tartar; to help freshen breath.
  • Safe and non-toxic! The safety and environmental protection of the natural rubber material, will not harm the dog.

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